Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Great Paying Sites for Non-US Members!

I have posted about a lot of great paying sites here together with my payment proofs and I feel bad because most of these sites are open only to US residents. For those who are non-US residents (including those in the Philippines), here are some of my highly recommended get-paid-to (GPT) sites, which you can check out for yourself. It won't hurt to join these sites, visit their forums and you can see a lot of members from your countries posting their payment proofs and experiences with these sites there. It wont cost you a penny to sign up, try their freebies - totally free offers so you don't need a credit card for you to earn extra money. Some of my highly recommended sites are:

Cashcrate - you get paid once a month by check with minimum earnings of $10.

Treasure Trooper - pays by check once a month with minimum earnings of $20.

Paycage - pays non-US members through verified paypal and money order.

Gangstergreed - non-US members can join this site but they cannot complete the offers as most of the offers are only for US residents. They will only earn through their referrals so if you have active referrals based in the US, you will earn as well.

Intoffers - pays to e-gold with a minimum earning of 10 cents and a low $1 for paypal. There are a lot of earning opportunties in this site - paid to click, paid to sign up, paid to complete offers, paid to refer friends, etc. This site is truly designed for international users.

Here are some of the paid-to-click (PTC) sites where you get paid by clicking ads. You earn lesser in these kinds of sites than the ones I listed above but if you have active referrals, it really helps you a lot! These sites are safer to do, as there are lesser risks involved.

Adbux, Bux.to, Clixsense, Globalcashclicks, Clixmedia, and Readerspaid. I am not sure if members from the Philippines can join and get paid in all of these but I'm sure you can join those sites that pays through e-gold, check or money order. You can get a paypal account but you can only use it for sending money like when you buy something at eBay or other online stores, but you cannot use it to receive payment. But hopefully, paypal will expand their services to other countries including the Philippines soon.

For more details, please feel free to check out my list of great paying sites. Don't forget to check the page for My DIY sites and scroll down at the bottom of the page for sites that are open to international members. Also visit the page for Other GPT Links for lots of sites listed there where you can earn extra moola online. Let me know if you have questions and i'm sure would be glad to help you out. Good luck and thanks a lot!


redlan said...

wow. this blog is really helpful. ure kind to share those great paying sites for non-us based members.

thanks mrs. T

Dave Lucas said...

HI! Sure you can add my link ;)