Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Movie Directing Is Fun With Coke Zero

I am a coke addict! Nothing can stop me from drinking coke especially now with Coke zero around. How can I resist something that tastes exactly like the real coke but without sugar on it? Anyway, Coke zero has been running this cool campaign, "Life As It Should Be" which is really so fun for everybody to try. I am having blast with it and I'm sure you would too! Here, you have a chance to show your creativeness with those short black and white movie clips, prove to yourself that you can actually direct a movie. Yes, you can! Play around it by supplying the words or dialogue for the characters and it will be delivered by the characters through a voice recorder. You can even play with the speed of the voice. When you're done with it, put a name and you can invite your friends to see and rate it. Your movie will also be entered together with other movies, for the highest rating. Check it out and have the blast of your life directing a movie through Coke zero!

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