Sunday, September 30, 2007

Question and Answer Tag

Sweet mom Sarah tagged me on this question and answer thingy. Thanks a lot Sarah for always remembering me!
INSTRUCTION: I will tag you a question and you post your answer on your website/blog. After that, you make another question and tag it to other bloggers. Got it? Let's get it on!
Question of Sarah: Who's the greatest influence in your life or the person you look up too? and why?
My Answer: Honestly, it is my mother who i looked up to and whom i consider as the greatest influence in my life! Unconsciously, I talk like my mother; I have her sense of humor, her love for dancing, her playful ways and lot more.
My question: If you know of somebody who is cheating by violating rules but it really doesn't affect you directly, would you report that person to the concerned authority or just keep mum about it? And why?
I am tagging my friends Redlan, Pepe, Reigh, Juliana, Marie, and Rowena. Thanks a lot guys!


redlan said...

Thanks sa pag-tag mo Mrs T. I will answer it later. I-spoil ko muna ang post ko sa 4th monthsary of blogging ko.

Take care always!

Tess said...

no problem Red! Happy 4th monthsary! more to come..... TY!

Anonymous said...

ako din, miss tess, I will answer your tag, if I have the time to tonight....thanks!!!

Tess said...

Ok lang Reigh, no problem, take ur time, no pressure at all, k? Ingats!

Rowena said...

Hi Tess, thanks for the tag ... appreciate it .. will do this immediately :)

Pepe said...

Oo nga Mrs.T, i think that's the reason why children's clothing manufacturers strictly printed and attached a tag on every kid's superman costumes saying, " this costume doesn't enable you to fly " Ha-ha....! Thanks Mrs.T....! =D

Thanks pala sa tag Mrs.T, gagawin ko yan asap....! =D

Sarah said...

thank you Mommy T for making this blog!

Tess said...

rowena: thanks a lot! just take ur time, no pressure on this, just to let our blogging going. have a great day!
Pepe: TY sa pagdaan superman, lol!
sarah: walang anuman, ikaw pa malakas ka sa akin, basta ba kaya kong gawin tag, OK lang! TY ulit!