Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Santa Complete The Sentence" Tag from Rowena

This is a tag from Rowena. Thanks a lot, i appreciate it! This tag comes in a perfect time in preparation for the Christmas season. This "Santa Complete The Sentence " tag requires those who got tagged to complete the sentences that could relate to Santa. Just add a word or more to complete the words written in bold letters below to complete each of the Santa sentences.
01] I wonder if all kids receive presents from Santa every Christmas.
02] Santa is getting older and fatter that he badly needs to get off his sleigh and do some walking!
03] If I were in a room with Santa , I would ask him take me to his journey.
04] I think Santa needs to lose weight so he is not too heavy for his sleigh!
05] Santa needs to come to our house first because my kids have been waiting for him forever.
06] I want to deliver the presents with Santa.
07] Someday Santa needs to change his "hooo hooo hooo" style into something new!
08] Santa reminds me of Christmas as the time of the year when we share our blessings with our loved ones through gift giving.
09] Without Santa, Christmas will not be as exciting for kids.
10] My memories of Santa are only in the pictures.
11] Santa can be expensive especially if we have more kids!
12] The worst thing about Santa is he doesn't know how to speak tagalog.
13] The best thing about Santa is he knows what kidsis presents that makes Christmas exciting for kids.
14] I am hopelessly waiting to spend christmas with Santa.
15] One thing I would like to know about Santa is if he is for real.
16] Santa should go and provide gifts not only to kids but adults as well.
17] Santa should learn how to sing and dance for me.
Pls. go to Everyday Should Be Christmas for the template. I would like to tag In-in, Recel, Au, Dauphine, Sarah, Bless, Roselle and Vicky.


Sarah said...

Mommy Tess,

thanks for the tag! i'll do this soon.

Rowena said...

Hi Tess, thanks for doing the tag ... sure reminds me that Xmas is just around the corner and I need to save for Xmas presents :) ingatz po

Bless said...

Paskong pasko ah.. :-) Sure Tess I'll do it. Thanks for it :-) TC.

Tess said...

Sarah: you're welcome! TY too!
Rowena: you're welcome, Ty too for including me in ur tag! TC!
Bless: you are most welcome Bless! TC and TY too!

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you