Friday, October 19, 2007

Get The Best Credit Card For You!

I used to have 3 credit cards but I had to give them up as they were making my life miserable! I feel like most of my earnings just go to credit card payments. Of course, it is so convenient to have a credit card but just make sure you pick the right one. Don't just grab the first offer that comes your way, at least try to compare.

Talking about credit cards comparison, there is a place that does that for you! Card Guide has a list of popular credit card types in UK where you can search, compare and pick which suits your needs - from balance transfer credit cards to cash back offers. You can even get a 0% interest credit cards! Not only that, it has also the latest news and useful information and articles on credit card types and use that will guide you in picking the right credit card for you. So, for your credit card needs, Card Guide is the place to be!

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