Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I got paid by Macrobucks, yay!

I haven't been active on doing referral sites since April; i dunno' but i just find it so difficult for me to get referrals since the GPT rules changed, trying to wipe out fraudulent members. I was surprised to see a payment at my paypal today from 80.macrobucks. It is a referral site that pays $80 per referral. I got paid $270 so i dunno what the extra $30 was for. I started this site couple months ago trying to get 7 referrals but i ended up cashing out for 3. I couldn't wait for others to complete their credits, in fact i got 16 referrals who signed up under me in this site and only 3 completed. I really didn't make much on this site as i paid $40 for each referral and i paid two referrals $40 each in advance but they were not able to finish the site so i lost money there. Here is my proof of payment:

Macrobucks has also other sites - a DIY site and another referral site that pays $40 for each referral. If you are interested check them out:

Macrobucks - the DIY site where you don't need a referral to earn

40.Macrobucks - referral site that pays $40 each

80.Macrobucks - referral site that pays $80 per referral where i got paid for

Good luck to all and thanks a lot1

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