Friday, October 5, 2007

What classic movie are you?

I love this test! Thanks to my dear Darlene for tagging me ont his one! I am a movie addict and i watch a movie every single night. One of my most favorite movies is Schindler's List - this is a movie everyone should see! My test result i am it! Here it is!

How about you? I wanna know what kind of classic movie are you In-in, Recel, Roselle, Redlan, Kero, Lovely Ruth and Vicky! Have fun guys and thanks in advance!


Darlene said...

Hala tess mao baya ni permiro nakong test pero kay ako ra man gi copy unya wala pa nako mabutang sa post ba sus kay nag copy man ko lain maong nawala na nuon apay ako tong gibutang usa sa notepad hehehe anyway ok ra woi test lang bitaw.Buutan diay ka tess kay unahon man nimo ang uban usa pa imong kaugalingun.i am happy to know a bit about you.Thanks for doing the tag.I'm glad we met as friends here online.Happy weekend!

Sarah said...

Mommy Tess favorite ko yan

Tess said...

Darlene: TY sa comments, hala oy pareho baya ta buotan, lol! Buotan kung tulog, hehe! Lain baya tong akong movie at first, akong gi usab kay nagloko akong screen pagbalik nako wala na nuon so nag try ko usab sa quiz, maong ning gawas ni nga result. TY for stopping by! ayu ayo!
Sarah: favorite ko din yan Sarah! TY for coming kahit busy ka jan! sorry di ko gaanong nakakapasyal sau, TC and have a great weekend ahead!

recel said...

wow! i love this classic movie! i remember i got an A+ grade in my critique of this movie back in college! hehe!

i love this tag! i'll do this right now, juz got home from my bz morning outside! indeed i caught the worms early at PPP this morning! lol

Tess said...

good for u Recel! TY for coming over! ayu ayo!