Monday, November 19, 2007

Freeze It Does Wonders!

My husband has always loved rollerskating since he was a kid. He used to work at a skating rink and in one occasion, him and his friends were playing tag. It is a game where players sometime have to jump on their toe stops to stop to avoid getting tagged. He jumped one time and when he landed he missed his toe stop, hit his wheel instead and fell with his ankle under him. The impact was so strong that he badly broke, dislocated and tore ligaments in his right ankle. He had surgery to repair it but the pain still bothers him up to this day, especially on cold, damp weather conditions. He has already tried using different pain creams to relieve him of the pain but nothing seems to work for him until I learned about Freeze It Gel two months ago. Without second thoughts, I bought a tube of Freeze It right away at the nearest Wal-Mart.

I am pretty sure Freeze It has done wonders for him because I haven't heard him whining since then and I am so glad about it! he's not bothered anymore with the pain in his right ankle. As long as we have enough supply of Freeze It Gel, he will be fine. Getting a free supply of Freeze It for a year would really be great and a big help to us so we don't have to worry anymore that Wal-Mart might run out of stock when we badly need it! With Freeze It Gel, my husband is now a happy camper!

my husband badly injured his right ankle in 1979

Freeze It works best for sore muscles and muscle sprains, arthritis and joint pains, to name a few. It gives a cool, revitalizing feeling to the affected area and relieves the pain so quick! So far, nothing beats Freeze It as the best topical pain relief! To know more about Freeze It Gel, watch this video:

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