Thursday, May 29, 2008

How's everyone doing?

Heya all! I have been so lazy updating this site and i am so sorry about that especially to those who came here and check on me. Thanks a lot my friends. Well, if you ask what's keeping me busy online, i can say not much really. If i remember it right, AdsTab paid me three times already and i am loving this PTC site. I am awaiting the fourth payment from them. I also got a check from My Survey, it's only $10 but it's still money, lol! I also got a check from Revolution Money Exchange for $17 and another check of $28 is coming in the mail. I still blog if there are opps available, do my clicking and do my shopping online. Speaking of shopping online, I also got paid from Ebates and BigCrumbs for my shopping online. Both pay to paypal. I use BigCrumbs for shopping at Ebay and Ebates for shopping at my favorite stores online. These small smounts add up and it's all great!

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