Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Celebrities Use International Oddities Products

There is nothing more effective in promoting a product than seeing your favorite celebrities using it, am I right? Just like that stuff some stars were smoking at the movie “Pineapple Express”. Those were a International Oddities non-tobacco legal bud smoking products which star Seth Rogan refers to as the “fake weed”. a International Oddities offers pleasurable smoking line. These are very innovative and unique legal bud smokes with aromatic fragrance and “roll your own" kind of stuff.

If you haven’t tried it already, you can buy it in the malls and shops or get it online. I should get some of these herbal cigarette for my husband who has quit smoking 2 years ago but continuously crave for it. I enjoy visiting the site because there is so much information and neat stuff available there from instruction on rolling your own legal bud to some neat videos for you to see. Learn how to roll a bridge or joint using a dollar bill or freehanded and a lot more. This is also great as gift. Check out some of the products of International Oddities. If International Oddities products are used by celebrities, then it must really be good, don’t you think so?

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