Saturday, August 2, 2008

Two PTCs paid me....

I was checking my paypal account the other night and surprised to see two recent payments from PTC sites - Crewbux and Isabel Marco. I was surprised because most of these PTCs don't pay anymore through paypal. Most of them use alertpay as their payment processors. There is money in PTCs but it takes a lot of PATIENCE for members before they get paid because it usually takes 30 and more business days for most to process payments. Premium members wait shorter time and earning is more but of course there is a little investment there and you don't even know if the PTC lasts. But anyway, there is always risk in any business endeavour - small or big. As I always say, only invest something that you can afford to lose. Here is my third payment from Crewbux and my very first payment from IsabelMarco.

Check them out if you are interested. Any small income helps, you know.


top stock pick said...

very nice! hahahahaha

Artie said...

Hello Tess,
I noticed that you are clicking on PTC sites, but first I want to introduce myself. My name is Aart van Wijngaarden (Nickname: Artie), 64 years young, married with a beautiful Thai woman and living in Thailand. I have just finised a PTC manual in Dutch and I am busy in translating it into English. I made this manual, because there are so many scams on the internet, e.g. DailyClicks, that is also in your list. The have changed there TOS some days ago and now you have to upgrade before getting a payout. I was already at $ 31,--, but I was so furious that I deleted my account. The manual I am making is completely free of charge. So if you are interested in a PDF manual please send an e-mail to:

With kind regards,

Aart van Wijngaarden
Khon Buri / Thailand