Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

We visited one of our co-workers today who just had a baby last weekend. My friend insisted we ride with her to save on gas and so three of us did. My friend has a pretty BMW car but I felt something was wrong. I jokingly said, “It is hot here or is it just me?” The other two passengers agreed that there must be something wrong with her air conditioning compressor and suggested that she should have it checked. I told her that my husband just bought a Mitsubishi ac compressor at Discount AC Parts where the best AC compressors and AC parts are available, at very competitive prices. You can also find new or remanufactured airconditioning parts - name it, they got it! My friend said she has been looking into getting a BMW AC compressor but just didn’t know where to get it from. She promised to check it out with Discount AC Parts to get it fixed soon. So, for your air conditioning needs, Discount AC Parts is the place to be!

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