Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mustela Takes Total Care Of Your Baby's Skin

I recently became a first-time grandma of a beautiful baby girl and since I am a mother myself (I have four kids), my daughter-in-law would always call me for help or advice on baby care. She was concerned lately about her baby’s diaper rash and told me she already changed from one diaper brand to another but the problem remained the same. I told her to use these Mustela cleansing and soothing wipes for diaper change. These wipes have proven to really work great to avoid diaper rash. It is very gentle and soothing to the baby’s skin; very convenient to use and comes handy wherever you go with your baby. Use it to clean baby’s skin each time you change diaper; let the skin dry and to see greater results, apply a thick layer of vitamin barrier cream to provide baby total protection against skin irritation.

I told her to check Mustela, the expert in skin products for babies and pregnant women. Aside from the wonderful products you will find at Mustela, there are other useful stuff moms will find there like the Parent’s Corner where you can find useful tips and advice on everything that concerns baby care like which products are best for your baby and the like. You will also learn from experiences of parents through their testimonials and you can also share your own experiences with others. The Parent’s Corner is a very good source for help when you have questions and concerns on parenting and baby care. To make your stay with Mustela really worthwhile, they have cool and exciting contests and sweepstakes for their customers. Mustela will be the best buddy moms will ever have. Check it out now!


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congrats for being a new Grandma:) btw, i cannot connect with my link here. It seems there's something wrong with it. It should be Thank you.