Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sears Biggest Cookware And Bakeware Sale Ends Today!

My husband and I will be moving to a new place by end of this month so we are in the process of packing our stuff slowly one at a time. While helping him pack our kitchen stuff today, I listed some small kitchen appliances that we need replaced like mixer, coffee maker, bread toaster and the like. Husband told me to look it out online for the best deal. He is right and I guess I found it right on time. The Appliance Store, that is known for its high quality brands of appliances and other homeware, is having a Cookware and Bakeware Sale which will end today! Yes, today is the last day so if you are thinking of getting some of those, you better hurry. Would you believe you can get those at a very low price starting at $4.99? For instance, you can get a $4.99 final price for basic essentials 8-pc roster set after $10 mail-in rebate (LIMITED TIME ONLY 11/5 to 11/8). I couldn’t believe this amazing deal but it’s true!

I am having a kick right now getting my list ready for these appliances not only for our personal use but also great gift idea for the holidays. I’m sure my friends and relatives would be happy to get any of these on Christmas. So, if you want to save money for your holiday shopping, don’t miss this great opportunity from Sears. Remember, now is the perfect time to do it. If you want to find it out, Click Here. Do it now because tomorrow will be too late. Enjoy your shopping!