Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shroomclicks.... A Big Scam?

Beware of Shroomclicks guys! This PTC used to have more than a hundred of ads everyday and sells very cheap advertisement and referral packages. I guess this lured a lot of people like me to join and spend a lot of time and money on it, hoping to earn extra money. Then the sudden change of ownership and everything changed like raising the payout to $150 and also advertisement fees. I continued to work on the site even if i wasn't expecting anymore to get paid because i was hoping i could use my earnings to promote my sites. Then one day the site was gone, together with my more than $90 earnings.

Recently, one of my referrals told me she got an email from shroomclicks and asked her to check on the site. I was wondering why i did not get any email from them so i checked the site and tried to log in but i couldn't. I even requested for my password thinking i just entered the wrong password, but still it wont let me. I emailed them and waiting for a reply. But just to warn those with it not to invest time and money on this site because i believed something is fishy here. I think it is a big SCAM so beware and spread this word to everyone.

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