Friday, July 10, 2009

You Data Keeps on Paying Every Friday!

I love You Data! It is so easy to earn from this site. You just log in and click on those adgets and voila! No timer just like most paid to click (PTC) sites. No matter how small your earning is (as in cents), you will always get paid every Friday. Your earnings depend on the ads you click and of course availability of the ads. It seems slow the past months though, but i hope the site gets back on track just like when it started. You can install the AdPlayer on your desktop so you can easily view the ads without logging in to the site. That's how i did! Join You Data now and see money coming in to your paypal account every Friday! Payment is automatic so there's no need to make a request. As of now, only US residents can join You Data but may expand its membership to other countries in the near future.