Saturday, May 1, 2010

Going gaga over GagaBux!

I haven't updated this blog since September 2009 because i just didnt find to do it after i got a full time job. I used to earn a lot from doing stuff online but advertisers stopped coming due to recession which also demotivated me to update this blog. I cancelled my domain because i thought it wasn't worth paying for a domain when this blog is not making any money at all.

Now, i am desperately looking again for something that i can do online to augment my income after my employer reduced my work days into 3 a week which has greatly affected my financial situation. Any idea? Please no scams, i had enough of that!

Out of the long list of paid-to-click (PTCs) that i was doing before, i got two left that i am still doing - Buxto and gagabux. I have been with buxto since 2007 while gagabux is kinda new to me but i have read and seen a lot of proof of payment with this site and thought it would not hurt me if i would try. You can check it out if you are interested.


imelda said...

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