Friday, August 6, 2010

Blogadvertising a scam?

Blogadvertising used to be named  I have posted awhile back that I have tried to sign up with blogvertising recently only to find out that i have already an account with them but haven't added any blog so i just added my two blogs and got one approved.  I started grabbing posts and submitted three but i really don't know if these were approved or not.  I finally decided to take them off my blog after reading a lot of complaints against blogadvertising.  Most are crying SCAM!  I guess it's true, after ignoring my messages to them asking about the status of my submitted posts.  I heard the minimum to cash out in this scam site is $100 but according to those who said this is a scam site, they have been requesting  for so many months to get paid after earning even more than $100, they never got paid.  So guys, stay away from this site! 


PinayShore said...

They changed their named from to Blogadvertising. I'm a member of their old site and I think the minimum payout before is $50. Until now I never got any payment from them and I don't know where is my $50 now.

Tess said...

Day Marlet, i think they raised the minimum to $150 but a lot of bloggers complained of not getting paid even if they already exceeded the mimimum earnings to cash out. I deleted all the posts i did for them because they never approved nor disapproved any of the 3 i did so i think there is something fishy in this site. I just have to avoid it.