Friday, August 20, 2010

CCNA Certification For Career Advancement

My husband has been working as a network administrator for many years now. Recently, a family friend informed my husband about a vacant position in his work that my husband might be interested in. My husband is hesitant to apply because even if he got the skills and experience, he doesn’t have a Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA certification that is usually preferred for that position. Getting certified on his job will really make a lot of difference.

I told him it’s about time to consider attending a CCNA training if he wants to prosper in his career. Getting certified will make him more competitive in the field. His boss is supportive of his plans and even suggested to check on a CCNA boot camp closest to us and get other details. He even promised that the company will pay for the training cost. I told my husband to grab this rare opportunity because attending a CCNA training will not only benefit himself but the company as well. Most of all, it gives him an edge over those who are not certified. In today’s economy where unemployment is in the rise, a CCNA certification is a great tool for career advancement and to keep himself in the race.

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