Friday, August 27, 2010 is a rif off!

My husband signed up with last year because he was offered a huge discount that time. I think he paid $9.99 if i'm not mistaken. Then he signed up with Facebook so was put in the back seat. He has totally forgotten about the site until a couple of days ago when he saw a charge of $49.99 in his debit card. He was told that automatically charges a member this yearly fee until the account will be cancelled by the member. Lesson learned: Always read the fine prints in the Terms of Reference when signing up with any site online. Take note of the date when you signed up so you know when is the right time to cancel if you think you no longer want to extend the service. Husband called to argue and he was told they're gonna refund him the amount but he is still waiting for refund. Let's see!

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