Friday, August 20, 2010

Payoneer, anyone?

Is anyone here with payoneer?  I signed up with payoneer two years ago mainly to be used for receiving an expected payment from buxto.  I never thought that after more than two years, i am still waiting for that long-awaited payment.  The other day, i thought of checking on my payoneer account only to find out, my account has been blocked due to long inactivity.  I don't blame them, that's business, you know.  I was told by payoneer staff that they could reopen my account once payment from buxto is ready to load to my account.  How would i know that?  Do i have an idea when that day would happen?  Well, i just changed my payment processor to Alertpay for now.  Although i saw a lot  of payment proof from that site posted everyday in the forum, i still don't know when i get mine.  I am still waiting .........

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