Saturday, September 4, 2010

Home Security Is Everyone's Concern

I had a chat with a friend earlier and she told me that the GPS that her husband gave her last Christmas was stolen from her van while she was grocery shopping. The first thing I asked her was, “did you save your home address in your GPS?” I guess most of us who own a GPS would save our home address on top of our favorites, am I right? Well, I used to do this before but I learned that it is not a smart idea to do this. By doing so, you open your home to any burglar who takes your GPS since it would be easy to locate your home as listed in your GPS. Instead of saving your home address as “home”, change it to something else like “Sheriff’s home”, or anything but “home”. This may not be a concern for everyone as not everyone owns a GPS but home security is certainly everyone’s concern.

We cannot risk the safety of our family because of negligence. There are so many ways on how to make our home safe and secure from burglary and most of these are common sense. One thing I do since my college days is leaving my radio on even when I leave my apartment for days and I would also have a light that automatically turns on at night. That way, nobody could tell I was not in my place for days. A good way to test how safe is your home is to “burglarize” it yourself. Put yourself on the shoes of the burglars. Imagine yourself as the best burglar in the world who is trying to get into your home. I’m sure you would find a lot of flaws in the way you secure your home.

I actually find a detailed survey suggested by Fort Worth, PD very useful in assessing the security in your home. I also learn a lot from the great police security tips that I know you and I could relate. I found myself guilty in a lot of wrong practices discussed like leaving doors and windows unlocked, growing bushes and tall plants around the house, always leaving the garage door open, and a lot more. To have peace of mind, the best way to secure your homes is to get help from because that’s what they are for – to provide you ad your family with home security at a very affordable cost. Of course, home security can only be effective if homeowners also practice the simple home security measures that should be taken.

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