Friday, October 1, 2010

The Best Place For All Your Printing Needs

Our company has been merged with another company so a lot of changes are expected in the coming days – from the management policies and the staff.  We also expect to see new faces to join the merger. Since we have a new company name, we need to change and order new sets of business cards, envelopes and letterheads.  We also have new programs and services added to the existing ones and we are developing new sets of brochures and flyers too.  It’s a good thing we found a place that provides quality printing services at very affordable cost – the PrintRunner. 

PrintRunner provides you with anything that has to do with printing – from coupon, sticker, brochure, letterhead, notepad, envelope, poster, greeting card, flyer, business card, calendar, magnet printing and a lot more.  Aside from providing printing services, it also provides other services like design and mailing services.  You can pick from their free templates or you can design you own and they will provide the custom print job for you.  The good news is:  PrintRunner has a special treat for their customers for this Fall season.  The Big Fall Sale will save you up to 50% for select items.  Check it out!

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