Saturday, October 30, 2010

Turn your PC into a cash machine!

Do you know that you can earn money everytime you turn on the internet in your pc even while you're sleeping?  It is not much though and it will NOT make you rich but i can assure you it is earning.  This is through Peer Gomez, a very legit site that has been in the business for years.  I was using Peer Gomez for sometime in the past and when we moved, I forgot to reinstall it again in my pc.  Two weeks ago, I thought of installing it again.  Hubby and I never turn our computers off when we go to bed or leave for work.  They are on all the time.  So, why not install Peer Gomez on these machines and earn even 10 cents a day? 

Peer Gomez uses the spare capacity in your machine but it never affects or interrupts anything you do with your pc.  You can hide it and don't even notice it's there.  You get paid to your Paypal account at the end of the month as soon as you earn a minimum of $5.  Right now, i am only earning 10 cents a day so by the end of the month, i don't expect to get paid but that's fine.  Peer Gomez welcomes everyone in the world to join, whether you have dial-up or fast connection and whatever IP address you have.  If you are interested to try this and turn your pc into a cash machine, join Peer Gomez and start earning now!

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