Sunday, February 20, 2011

PineCone Research is looking for members!

I have been with PineCone Research for many years and been paid right to my paypal account after i do surveys. People like me who want to earn extra cash online by doing surveys would love Pinecone, it is my most favorite survey site. It used to be difficult to be a member of Pinecone because they don't accept members all-year round. So, whenever you got a chance to be invited, you have to grab it right away because it may or may not come again, This time, I am glad to inform you that PineCone is accepting new members and this is a great opportunity you should not pass up!

If you are interested, sign up with
Pinecone. The surveys are so easy and simple, and you can choose which surveys you want to do. I get at least one survey a week that pays me $3 per survey and an entry to the sweepstakes which gives you a chance to win cash prizes. I don't get paid by telling you this. I just want to share with you this great site. I guarantee you, you will love it the way I do! Sign up with PineCone Research now!

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