Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anybody using chikka messenger?

What is happening to Chikka messenger?  I used to get automatically logged in to chikka messenger whenever i turn my computer on, just like on my Yahoo Messenger.  In cases where my chikka is down and somebody sends me an instant message, i used to get it in my email so i can read the message even if i am not in my home computer.  In the past chikka versions that i used, i no longer get these.  I have to log in everytime and most of the time, i don't get the messages.  I tried to uninstall and reinstall different versions but nothing works like i wanted it to work.  Hubby has been helping me figure it out but to no avail.  Am i doing something wrong or chikka has a problem, i have no idea.  It's a shame because i have been using chikka since 2001 and i even added this app to my iphone.  Well, could somebody help me figure it out?  

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