Tuesday, May 31, 2011

James Woods on Family Guy

Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks

Over the last few years, James Woods has made several appearances on the television show Family Guy. While I have never personally seen a James Woods movie or another show featuring the star, he is absolutely a great add-on to the Family Guy cast.

The first episode Woods was on was titled "Peter's Got Woods" in which Peter Griffin has a fallout with his friend Brian. And after a few scenes, becomes "best friends" to the movie star after suggesting that the local high school be named James Woods still. Brian and his recent girlfriend wanted to change the name to Martin King Jr High School, but the plan fell through after James came to town.

This being Family Guy, and movie stars typically turn out to be crazy, Woods becomes despondent when Brian and Peter make up, and becomes a bit obsessive of Peter. The solution was a parody of the Lost Ark, in which Woods is "stored" in a secret government warehouse. All-in-all, Woods' portrayal of himself is now a classic within the Family Guy series. Calm, manipulative, and cunning, Woods will continue to be a famous star.

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