Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anybody with Blogitive?

I submitted two blog posts to Blogitive last month and they were never approved.  I know something has been going on with the site because the last blog that i submitted with them stayed pending.  it has been months since i submitted it.  They used to approve posts quickly and pay quick too.  But even with the present situation, i still reserved two more opps but when i was about to start writing because i was trying to catch the deadline, the site was down for reasons i don't know.  I felt relieved that i have not started writing yet but of course i just lost my two previous posts that never got paid.

Yesterday, i tried to log in again to the site to check.  They have opps for me and i reserved two again but i don't want to  do it anymore.  The two posts that i submitted that were never approved are no longer there.  I guess they lost all those data when the site went down.  I guess it's goodbye to blogitive for now.  I have a bad feeling about the site.

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