Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pick Nothing But Whitehall Address Plaques

It has been so warm the past days especially in our house because we do not have air conditioner so my husband ordered one online.  It was supposed to be delivered last Wednesday and we were so excited about it but we were so disappointed when we got home from work and found no air-conditioner delivered.  Hubby had to miss work the next day to pick it up from the FedEx office.  The delivery guy said he tried to deliver it but he could not find the right address.  We found out there are numbers missing in the house numbers in our mailbox.

I have been meaning to get one of those house address plaques just like the one I saw in our neighbor.  Having the right address signs would save a lot of time for those who are looking for your address.  My friend recommended that if I want a high quality address plaque, I should get a Whitehall.  Aside from address plaques, Whitehall is also known for quality mailboxes, personalized home and garden décor and a lot more.  

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