Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Social Network

Posted by Winford Tillman

The Social Network was definitely one of the top movies of 2010 and is one I always watch on satellite tv. I love watching this film, because it reveals an insider's view into how Facebook was created. I find it fascinating to learn how such powerful companies are created in the United States and how inventors think of ideas to create such powerful companies. This movie reveals the thought process that two boys had when they sought to create Facebook and how their ideas were even stolen by other entities.

This movie definitely shows how one can overcome all odds in life. I loved seeing how the boys succeeding in starting Facebook, even after the president of Harvard told them it was a dumb idea. Little did the president of Harvard know that Facebook would go on to be a million dollar business and take the world by storm. Now, millions of people are connected through Facebook and it has transformed the way humans communicate with one another. There are many critics who say Facebook has hurt society by depraving it of face to face interactions, and there are other critics who say Facebook has helped society by allowing everyone in the world to connect with one another.

Overall, The Social Network is just one of those movies one has to see. This is a great film and intriguing.

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