Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Present Generation Loves Straight Talk

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was so happy when my husband got me a new phone.  But you know what?  I have been getting drop calls and connectivity issues when I am using my new phone at home.  I don't have a problem with the service before we moved to a new place.  I am not a heavy phone user so whatever my husband is paying for the plan is not worth it.  I have been telling him about Straight Talk that is really perfect not only for those who are not heavy users like me but even for those heavy users.  

One of the great things about Straight Talk is its low rate which saves you a lot of money.  Compared to what most are paying for the same services, it is a lot lower.  Where could you find a service that would allow you unlimited monthly service for only $45 that includes everything you need?  Yes, with that amount, you will enjoy unlimited texts, calls, picture messaging  and web.  I am also excited to try its international long distance service with a lot lower rate than what I am currently using.  I can call a friend anytime I want to and not worry about the bill.  I could use the money to buy me a ticket for my most-awaited overseas vacation next year.  Hook, line and sinker - this is what Straight Talk is all about,  as what most of its happy users are saying.

 I have been telling my daughter about it and I know she believes me.  She always say, "whatever you say mom, mom knows best.  You can have the choice of the phone that you want, whether you want the cheaper phone with the basic features or those smart phones with more cool features.  It's really up to you!  You can find a reconditioned phone for as low as $10 to a more expensive one, depending on the kind and brand but rest assured the phones are all of high quality brands.  To sum it up, with Straight Talk, you don't have a contract so no surprise charges, no credit checks, and greater connectivity and excellent reception at a very affordable cost.  They exactly got everything you need so what are you waiting for?  

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