Saturday, September 10, 2011

Find The Best Hotels In Orlando

Would you believe that at my age of 50, I have never been to Disney World, a childhood dream of mine and I'm sure most kids' dream too?  Last month, our long-time family friends who have moved to Florida three years ago, invited me and my husband to visit them even just for a weekend.  The wonderful couple asked us to stay with them so we don't have to pay for our accommodation. 

They live an hour away from Disney World and after thinking seriously about the offer, we turned it down because we wanted to fully enjoy our stay while there.  We don't want to be a burden to them driving us to Disney World.  Husband and I agreed on looking for Hotels in Orlando so we can stay closer to where the real fun is.  We will not only enjoy Disney World but the surrounding attractions as well.  

Staying in Disney World Hotel, for instance would be a great treat for us, \We have seen the amenities and what this hotel could offer and we are so excited about this most-awaited visit.  When we told our friends about our plan, the couple agreed and even decided to join us in Disney World and would also stay with us in Disney World Hotel.  Well, that would be really fun and a great way to bond with our old friends.  I can't wait!

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