Monday, October 24, 2011

Know Your Rights As Employees

Finding a job is not easy nowadays.  Many of my friends are not happy with their jobs because they are either overworked and underpaid or they don't like their jobs or their co-workers or their employers.  Most employers take advantage of their employees.  They take their employees for granted and do not treat them well. As employees, we are entitled to overtime pay but most of us don't want to claim overtime pay because we don't want the hassles that come with it.  We don't want to go through the process; and we do not fully understand our rights.  

If we allow our employers to do this to us, we are just encouraging them to keep on doing it, which is not good.  Employees should know their rights so that when one of these rights is being violated, they know that they could fight for it. There are people who are dedicated to protecting these rights and making sure employees receive fair pay.  They are lawyers who are experts in California Overtime, who understand the complexity of the overtime law.  

If you are one of those whose rights to overtime pay has been violated; they can help you get the overtime pay that you deserve.  Consult with them and get your case evaluated.  You might even be entitled to double your unpaid overtime wages.  Act now!  

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About Me said...

This is great stuff! I like what you are saying , and if people just take a stand and start thier own business then their right will be all theirs.