Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Posted by Darwin Garza 

You know what show I think is underappreciated?  House.  That show absolutely never fails to crack me up.  I appreciate sarcasm, and I even appreciate cynicism to a large degree, so I obviously love House himself.  I also love his cast of supporting characters that changes from time to time but always shares one common theme—a desire to help House be a better person.  Here’s the thing.  He’s a pretty great person as it is.  I mean, yes, he comes across a little harsh, but when you really peel back all the hardened outer layers, I think House is a good guy who really wants to actually help people.  I guess his access to the drugs he is addicted to is kind of a benefit of his profession, but it’s still a noble profession, at the end of the day.  He does save people’s lives, even if he doesn’t have the most amazing bedside manner while doing it.  I think House is a well written show, with great characters, and that House sometimes is misunderstood.  Tune in to the show the next time you see it on expertsatellite.com and see if you agree.

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