Friday, March 2, 2012

Trying to figure out how to rock bare windows

Guest post written by Lisa Longfellow

I look through a lot of home decor blogs.  It's one of my favorite time wasters, but I find that most of the time I tend to just look at the stuff and never use it.  Well, I decided that I would try and DIY a lot of stuff around my home on the cheap and finally fix it up to look like one of these rooms in these design blogs.

A few days ago when I was looking online for some ideas about what to do with my windows, I saw the site Debt Consolidation and bookmarked it to look through later.  I have debt and know that I need to do something about it before it gets much worse.

One thing that I love about a lot of the rooms that I've seen in these blog posts is that they have bare windows.  It's just so light and breezy like that, which is so refreshing looking in all of those rooms.  I want my home to feel like that, plus my views from my living room are pretty nice so they would be perfect for the curtain-less look.  I think that I'm going to try it out!

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