Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Passion to write it gone?

After three weeks of being out of touch from the blogging world, it was so hard for me to get back to blogging.  It seems so many things are in my head that I wanted to write about but i just could not start writing.  Is the passion in writing gone?  I wonder if there ever was a passion in the first place.  Am i writing because i wanted to write and enjoy doing it or plainly for money?  I admit, most of the time, it is the later.  Sad but true! 

I wanna go back to blogging real bad but i could not force myself to write.  In fact, i have already let some opps expire and they were supposed to be about simple topics which could have been so easy to write about.  Bloggers like me, have you gone through this kind of feeling before?  I have always bneen like this - on and off - of the blogging.  I wonder when the real passion comes back.  I hope soon!

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