Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whitehall Mailboxes Spell Quality

We came home today seeing our mailbox lying on the ground.  A neighbor said he saw a truck slammed into it earlier.  I did not feel so bad because I have long wanted to replace it anyway.  I wanted one of those whitehall mailboxes that I saw at my mom's new place.  They look so neat and just by looking at it, you would know they are heavy duty.  Whitehall mailboxes are known for its quality and durability.  They are designed to withstand all kinds of weather and are expected to last for a long time.  

Would you believe I have bought three mailboxes already within the last five years?  I blame myself for being so cheap, buying those low quality mailboxes because I thought they would last but I was wrong.  One was knocked down when there was a snow storm one day.  One just fell off its post when hit by a strong wind and the last was hit by a truck.  

This time, I want to make sure I would be getting a mailbox and post that will surely last for a long time that is why I would choose a Whitehall.  Having one of those personalized mailboxes would be great.  My husband agreed and has already given me the go signal to go get it!  I can't wait!

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