Sunday, August 19, 2012

So frustrating!

I am so frustrated today with all these online investments I have been involved with.  Two of my early favorite HYIPs turned into a scam! These are Share Trade Income and ZeekInvest.  I tried to make withdrawals from both sites and both never paid me.  Good thing i have already earned what i invested so i did not lose anything but wasted my efforts.  

Another site - Invest Rewards where i invested a small amount of $12 to start with, also stopped paying.  I just started with it and never got paid even once! I am done with these programs.  I need to control my self.  Lesson learned:  most of these sites are only good up to 2 weeks and beyond that, they will most likely turn into scam, after they got members to invest more.  So, do not invest in sites that have been running for more than two weeks already and if you do, invest only what you can afford to lose!

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