Monday, October 1, 2012

LifeLock Provides Your Family With Total Protection Against Identity Theft

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A big part of my life revolves around the internet and I cannot imagine myself without it.  The internet has made our life a lot easy but the more we use it, the more risk there is that we have to face.  Identity theft is real and very common nowadays.  The statistics on identity theft in the country is very alarming.  It seems so easy for hackers to steal your personal identity and use it for their own benefits.  You could easily become a victim of credit card fraud.  They can use your identity in applying for credit and loans and even for jobs.  They can steal your identity by hacking your email, social networking accounts, credit and banking information, through your use of your smartphone and a lot more.  They come in many forms and if we are not careful, it will cost us a lot of aggravation, time and money. 

A leading identity theft protection company in the US, LifeLock sees this as a serious problem by providing an array of its identity theft protection services for its members.  Each addresses a particular concern so you can pick which one suits your needs.  I have heard about LifeLock a long time ago and I am aware about identity theft but I never given it a thought until it actually happened to me.  I was a victim of credit card fraud twice. Good thing I was able to dispute it but the troubles and aggravation I went through were not worth it. 

LifeLock provides individuals with protection against identity theft in all forms even before it happens.  It alerts members about coming threats of possible identity theft.  It also helps members who have been victims of identity theft recover their identity.  They allot up to $1M on lawyers and restoration of your identity.  You can check the site and follow LifeLock on Twitter to learn more about it.

Taking precaution is necessary and one is by using a difficult password especially in our banking and credit accounts.  How hack-friendly is your password?  You may not believe it but according to study, it only takes a professional .000224 seconds to hack a six- character password with no symbol while it takes 20 days to break in a10- character password with one symbol.  If you are like me who does banking, shopping, social networking and other business online, how do you protect yourself from identity theft?  Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting your comments here.  Why do you think we need a great protection from a company like LifeLock? 

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