Friday, June 29, 2007

Are you with Winster yet?

I have been hooked to winster! This is an online site where you can play a lot of games while earning points towards a chosen gift. I got so hooked that all of my other online activities suffered. At Winster, each player picks a prize of their own choosing, then plays engaging, social games until they win the prize they selected. Players cooperate to help each other win prizes, rather than compete. At Winster, players play with each other, never against each other.

You cannot blame me for getting so addicted to it because i already got 3 prizes since i started playing middle of May. On my very first day, i won two movie tickets, that i got so easy! After a week, i got an amazon certificate worth $24.78 supposedly for a quesadilla maker and after another week, i got another amazon gift certificate worth $33 for a george foreman grill. Well, i used those amazon certificates and bought something else. I am now working towards an ipod nano which may take a month or so to get it. At winster, you can play as a free member and earn points but here's the catch! You cannot claim it until you sign up for the 14-day free trial. After that, you can sign up as a paying member or continue as a free member or cancel your account. Your earned points will be saved so if you decide to go back, your earned points are stil intact and they give them back to you. Aside from winster, I am also with a lot of online game sites like,, moola, winzy, netwinner, and kerclink, among others. But right now, winster is my favorite. Try Winster now and get your two movie tickets for FREE! I just want to warn you, this site is so addicting! In fact, i got to run now to meet up with winster. TGIF! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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