Saturday, June 30, 2007

Free4Every1 Just Made My Day!

I guess i have a lot of reasons to be happy today! Aside from feeling real good, in fact, i got up earlier than usual, i was surprised to see a nice payment sitting in my paypal, from no other than Free4every1! I completed their giftcards site a week or so ago, submitted my payment request and have totally forgotten about it! Check this out:

This site has been paying me since last year when they started out with freebie sites. Here are some of their sites which i will be working on pretty soon! - their DIY site

Thanks a lot Free4Every1!


DGL said...

Is getting referrals the only thing you do on those sites, or do you need to fill out surveys?

Tess said...

dgl, u need to do an offer, get the number of referrals, and each should also complete an offer. Offers in sites like these are mostly cc offers but there are lots of freebie sites where offers are free, no cc needed. TY for visiting my blog!