Thursday, July 26, 2007 paid me again!

I was checking my paypal account today and was surprised to see another payment from, a paid to click (PTC) site that pays you one cent per ad you click and another cent per ad your referrals click. It pays you more per ad if you are an upgraded member. I know this is not much but this is definitely better than nothing. I usually do my clicking when i have nothing to do or while im talking on the phone. is open to international members. Mimimum earnings to cash out is $10 and cashing out is unlimited. I could use this money for sending cellphone load to the Philippines! Please click the image below to view a larger picture.

So, if you guys have time to do PTCs, i definitely recommend! You can find a list of my great paying PTC sites and other GPT sites here! There are also do-it-yourself (DIY) sites that are open to international members. Let me know if you need help getting started. Thanks!

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