Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beware of Hidden Traps!

I'm sure you see a lot of offers flooding your inbox everyday - congratulating you for winning this or that and then you will be asked to enter your email and the endless pages of offers come out one by one. They are so tempting, i tell you! I always get trapped on this kind of crap. It says it is free but as soon as you give your email and fill out a form like a survey, then a page opens one after another. Then they ask for your credit card and you're done! Then expect a lot of spam mails right after that from those advertisers whose sites you just clicked! I admit i do some of these offers and get paid for it but i choose which incentive sites i complete these offers from. I made some money on these but i also got burned a lot of times, i wasn't too careful. I was too gullible! Now, i may signup easily but i don't do much until i see payment proofs. There are lots of legit sites where you can even earn without giving your credit card. It is also common to see survey sites offering to pay you $5 to $150 per survey and of course i was also into it (naturally!) but only to find out you need to buy their book or pay them first just to get access to the list of survey sites available! I tried it once and requested a refund and its good they refunded my money, lol! You can actually sign up with survey sites for free and get paid. Why pay then? Does it makes sense to ask someone applying for a typing job to pay first before he/she gets hired? Duh!