Thursday, August 30, 2007

Critics Rant: Movie, TV Show and Video Games Review Site

Do you love to rant? I think most women do! But it's not only women who love to rant! A lot of men do specially when it's about things that interest them like movies or video games for example.

Talking about rants, I found a really cool site where you see different reviews on movies, TV shows, video games and even newly released DVDs. At Critics Rant, you will see reviews not only from people who have actually saw the movies and the TV shows or tried the video games themselves, but even from those who just want to share their opinion about it. Everyone is welcomed to rant! I started to frequent this site after few of our movies the past weeks were not really worth watching, at least in my opinion. At least if you see different movie reviews, you get an idea what you are expecting to see, right? Personally, these movie reviews helped me a lot in choosing my movies. Visit the site and I bet you will enjoy it. You will not only read reviews, you can also share yours. And if you sign up with the Daily Rant! Newsletter, you will be entered into their daily giveaway which is right now - a DVD of the movie 300! Take your chance! Visit Critics Rant now!

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