Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Blogging is Paying Off!

When i first got into blogging, it was only meant for personal satisfaction. I just want a place where i can rant, vent, share personal experiences and daily thoughts about my life in the USA. I recently got into this paid blogging thing and i never had any regrets because it is paying off!

I don't check my paypal account nor my paypal email often but today In-in asked me if i already gotten paid by sponsoredreview, another get-paid-to blog site like PayPerPost, Bloggerwave, Blogvertise, smorty and a bunch others. Well, i got paid and it is myvery first payment from them. I also got paid by Smorty for that one post i made for them. It is so great to get compensation for things you already do like blogging. So far, i am more involved with PPP and sponsoredreview. If you are into blogging, why don't you try it?

I also got paid by Clixmedia, a paid-to-click site which is free to join, pays you a cent per click and only $5,99 minimum cash out. It is open to international users so if you are living outside the US, you can very well join this site for free!


redlan said...

wow, ure earning mrs. t!

Tess said...

thanks Red, kailangan e, sa hirap ng buhay dito, lol! im sure if u try paid blogging, u will make a lot cuz ur blog is doing great as far as traffic is concerned. But i guess u dont really need some moolah so OK na rin yan, at least ur enjoying ur blogging.