Friday, August 31, 2007

I got paid by Sparestash!

I got a small payment from Sparestash, another high paying DIY/GPT site. Payments like these sometimes surprise me as I haven't really had much time anymore to visit these sites so most of my earnings come pretty much from referrals' earnings. Thanks to my referrals who have continuously earned me money, I owe it to you big time! Sparestash, just like any GPT, has lots of earning opportunities for its members. It has 2 surveys that you can complete daily for an easy $39 a month. The good thing about this site, aside from paying higher for same offers that you usually see in most sites is, it shows you the list of latest approvals on offers so it gives you an idea which offers are approving or crediting. You don't need a credit card to earn in this site, lots of freebies are there. Minimum to cash out is $20 and pays out through check or paypal. It pays on a Net35 day so cash out at the end of the month and get paid within 35 days. Here is my proof fo payment:

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