Saturday, September 1, 2007

There's Nothing Like!

My eldest daughter just celebrated her birthday last week. I asked her what she wanted because I haven't given her a gift yet and she wanted a new dress! She's a bit picky when it comes to clothes so I told her to visit, where she could find the latest in fashion and at least have a feel of their personal high value shopping experience. Well, I just got a text message from her saying she was having a great time and couldn't make up her mind which one to pick. She said, "Ma, can I pick 2 or 3 or 4? I like all of them!" I said, "Yeah, you can pick whichever you want but I just pay for one! Nice try, huh!"

I love! It's one of my favorite online stores for my clothes. The store may look expensive but it is actually designed for everybody. Each is treated like a VIP at They have online stylists who can help choose the right clothes for you. I drool over their selection of velvet apparel - from the tops, dresses, tees and jackets. I think my daughter likes velvet clothes too! I guess I have greatly influenced her on her taste because we both love velvet clothing. Like mother, like daughter, I guess! Next time you shop for clothes, visit, the next generation online shopping boutique experience! I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it there!

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