Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adbux payment!

Adbux paid me again for my earnings in August. Adbux is one of the sites i never fail to check daily because it is a paid-to-click (PTC) site and i don't want to miss a single ad, even if it's just 1 cent! Even if I don't earn much from these PTCs, i enjoy doing them because a little money here and there sure make a lot difference. Here is what i got:

Adbux accepts international members, pays once a month through paypal or check with minimum earnings of $10. It automatically pays you as long as you have earned $10 by end of the month. For more of recommended PTC sites for international users, please feel free to check my List of GPT Sites. Thanks a lot!

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abdul said...

Hey nice blog!
I also use adbux and i really like it, i have 24 referrals for it and am near to my payout, click below to view stats from adbux and other websites!:
Keep up the good work!