Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Totally Free Dating Site

My husband's friend John who has been divorced for more than a year told us that he is now ready for another relationship. He knows very well that me and my husband found each other online. So John is so optimistic that someday he would also meet his next wife online. He has actually signed up for two dating sites online where he is paying every month and now he said he has given up after he met one and found out she is still married. We urged him not to give up just yet!

I told him about JustSayHi.com, a dating site where he doesn't have to pay at all! He can even have more fun in this site than in those paid sites he was into because this one has all other special features in addition to just being a dating site. John said he is only looking for single americans and this site is just perfect! He can have all the time of his life browsing over those free personals in the site without worrying about payments. Members can even participate in polls and surveys, post comments and join the discussions in the forum. I think it is great to be in community of people who have same interests as you, isn't it? So, for those who are seriously looking for future life partners or just friends to talk to, JustSayHi is the perfect place to be! Start looking now from those personals and hopefuly find the relationship that matters!

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