Monday, September 24, 2007

CashCrate sent me a check

Well, i haven't had much time to check my GPT sites the past days. I guess i was more involved with my other GPT which is the "get-paid-to blog" thingy. Last Saturday, i was surprised to get a check with a very small amount of $10.35 on it! I was trying to figure out where it came from as i wasn't expecting anything at all from any GPT that pays by check! To my surprise, it was from CashCrate! I haven't checked that site for ages, lol! I even thought my account was already deleted but i guess not!

Cashcrate is the most recommended GPT site for international users because it pays through check so you can get paid wherever you are. It has a low minimum of $10 and you don't have to request a cash out because it automatically pays you as soon as you have $10 by end of the month. I was getting checks from them last year but not this year except this one that just came. If you are a non-US resident, you should try CashCrate! It is a very good way to earn extra money!

If you're seeking a cash advance, check out the net for a variety of information on all the places you can turn to. Before you sign a contract on a loan, make sure to check the conditions before anything is finalized.


NoVa said...

maka try nga...hehehe...

Wangzen said...

Yeah, it's nice receiving that check every month - almost like a present!

Have you ever checked out They have 5 levels of referrals, and is very similar toCashCrate.

I also have alot of tips and trick for using Cashcrate and other GPT programs on my website


Tess said...

Nova: TY, try it, it is very legit site! good luck!

wangzen: i will check it, might sign up under u! please also try to visit my site at: and check my payment proof in one of the pages there. Thanks for coming! TC!